Our Projects

WORUDET has been implementing human rights programs since its inception. The sustained presence of this work generated credibility, relationship of trust and infrastructure within the community to respond to women and girls needs at the local level.

  • WORUDET implemented Women Empwoerment for Peace Program in Pader/Agago districts, both programs aimed at empowering women and girls who faced the blunt of the twenty years of conflict in northern Uganda. Targets, survivors of violence trauma, formerly abducted women, child mothers, female headed households and victims of violence through livelihood support, psychosocial support, Peace building and Human rights awareness.
  • From 2009 to 2013, WORUDET implemented Gender equality program (Concern World Wide) in Pader district in the s/c of Awere, Ogom, Kilak, Pajule and Acholi Bur. The program aimed at empowering the community to combat gender based violence and promote gender equity.
  • From 2011 to 2013, WORUDET successfully implemented Rocokwo program that aimed at consolidating the efforts made by WEP 1 and WEP 2.

Other relevant programs implemented by WORUDET  include:

  1. Gender Equality program in Lamwo district supported by   Diakonia (2012 to date) date)
  2. Ending Violence Against women and Girls/Peace and Security-UN-Women in Omot s/c, Agago district (2014)
  3. Women Land Rights Program in Lamwo-Oxfam (2013)
  4. Preventing Violence against women in Lamwo-Oxfam GB (2013)